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Our History

Abraham Benjamin began his family jewellery company in 1880 in Little Collins Street in the heart of the Melbourne jewellery precinct.

After his passing, the company was run by his three sons – Lionel, Julius and Maurice. Then from 1946 the company was run by Lionel Benjamin´s sons, Frank and Ernest.

By 1994 it was then taken-over by Frank and David (the sons of Frank Maurice Benjamin) who ran the family company for the next 20 years.

In 2014 Frank Benjamin retired, and the business was taken over and is now solely run by David Benjamin, with whom it remains.

This BENJAMIN family jewellery company has seen Australia become a Nation, fight in two World Wars, survive the 1930s Depression, survive floods, droughts and fires. For their company to trade for more than One hundred and thirty-nine (139) years in a competitive economy demonstrates the strong principles and work ethic of the BANJAMIN family through four (4) generations.

The need for jewellery is usually celebratory: i.e. weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, births, etc., though it can be for dress, mourning and religious reasons. Lastly, it can be for pure pleasure.

BENJAMINS continues this One hundred and thirty-nine (139) year tradition of making jewellery in gold, platinum, silver diamonds and precious gems for its multi-generational clientele.

Times have changed so that in-house BENJAMINS offer its clients the 21st Century technology of COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN (“CAD”) with associated 3D printing. BENJAMIN’s clients first glimpse their bespoke engagement ring of their computer screen in CAD form.