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Our Process

Our process begins and finishes in a very unique and special moment!

Everything starts when a special moment deserves a customised jewellery creation to immortalise it over time. Our customer exposes their ideas and models to be discussed with one of Benjamin’s experts who will provide guidance and expertise to convert the idea into a special jewellery piece.

Once the idea is nearly clear from a hand carved wax model or a 3D virtual reality jewellery model, photorealistic images are produced to show how the final design will look like. At this stage, all the required elements are decided based on the budget and design.

Here is when the magic happens and a high definition 3D printer is used to print the prototype of the selected piece. Then this wax or resin model goes through a process to evaporate the material but to leave its impression into a solid plaster that will be filled with the precious metal using high temperatures and advance casting techniques to guarantee the high-quality standard and the piece design.

Finally, the cherry on the cake comes into place giving the last hand finishing, polish the piece and placing the selected stones to get the finesse that is in our minds in reality.